Life tips. 100


1 in the collar and cuffs evenly in some toothpaste, use brush gently scrub, reoccupy clear swept clean, can remove stain.
2 if the new room in a bowl of vinegar put in two or three days, the smell of paint, bridal chamber will soon disappear.
3 sweater cuff or collarband lost flexibility, can be in water or collar cuffs, dry for 20 minutes after recovery.
4 the birth of spots in vinegar water mixture aluminium, cleaning out after 10 minutes, will clean as new.
5 will the new jeans put salt in 12 hours, then rinse again after washing, not easy fade.
6 choose and buy when, can be eider down eider down on the table, with the hand that PengSongDu slapping, the higher the better, HanRongLiang cloth qualitative Tory Burch Flats.
7. FaJiu surface with gold jewelry, deerskin (or other soft leather) a dip in toothpaste wipe gently, if brightness is new.
8. To remove the dirt inside oven temperature in the oven, please also when put salt in it, cools, reoccupy wet wipes can flow.
9 indoor plants, for example, chrysanthemum, ivy, bracketplant, is a natural air freshener.
10 in 45 milliliter white vinegar and 4 litres of water solution mop wipe, can make the Windows unclean transparent Discount Tory Burch.
11. Cut vegetables such as Onions and peel can be stored in the refrigerator for several hours after the freezer, will not dazzling and tears. 

12 vehicles driving, fresh ginger, at any time to put under the nose of the piquancy inhaled, can prevent carsick nose.
The inside of the appliances often accumulated a lot of dust, can be used to remove the brush, very convenient.
14 will dry residual tea in the toilet, combustion smoke, can remove impurity in the kremlin.
15 in ink add small soap water (or tea), stir well, use the ink to write this writing can keep color. Mark Tory Burch Sale
16, CD, if carelessly pared off with oily pen besmear in the scratches, no matter what the color of oily pen.
17. Price volume label to tear, blower, hot tear it again, can easily taken, not a trace.
18 new eggs with lights, short, very bright, is entirely within eggs, eggs inside black orange, red without shadow.
Then, after washing a face with some fine salt with finger gently in the muzzle, on both sides of the friction with rinse, blackhead will be clean.
20 new hair do as a pillow before spread in the smooth texture, can prevent a hair silk scarves.
21 in a catty of flour, egg with 6 months after receive the dumplings, heat water is avoided.
And the number of days in the tea plant roots, and poured it on, can promote plant growth.
23. Stew with dried tangerine or orange peel, fragrance, Eat beef and mutton, and a. dahurica in Shan increase fresh, Homemade sausage with cinnamon, flavour is delicious tory burch shoes.
24. Do not drink with drugs with soya-bean milk, soya-bean milk nutrients, such as antibiotic drugs such as tetracyclines).
Fried eggs, and in the egg around a few drops of water frying eggs, particularly tasty.
26. Take some fresh orange peel, scattered in the refrigerator, three days after open the refrigerator, fragrance pubi, no peculiar smell.
27 radish and mutton cook, or in the pot with a few materials in, can remove mung bean XingShan flavour.
28 morning drink green tea appetizers, wake up, afternoon drinking medlar can improve physical bubble, sleeping.
29 will wash the fish in clean out rice soak for two hours, after such processing burn out fish taste fresh and tender.
Don’t eat meat 30 after tea, tea contains a lot of target acid protein, the protein can cause fatty liver.
31 whoever red or purple with vinegar, if the cotton with water washing, can make the burnish like new.
32. Sooner or later, fasting eat an apple, be helpful for treatment of elderly constipation.
33 the kitchen dirties, mopping the floor after laid floor mop, might as well before the into some vinegar will easily be able to remove grease.
34 barbecue before eating, remember to drop on fresh lemon juice, lemon flavor, but add the have detoxicification vitC.
35 bottle inserts in the flowers don’t add a few drops of water or vinegar bleach, can keep fresh flowers .
36 when wear tour or easily pull, stuck first waxing, again with dry cloth to wipe, can easily.
37 the colored cotton print, new purchase first dip, add salt to immerse 15 minutes after rinse out, can prevent cloth fade.
38. Milk expired cannot drink, can be used to wipe wet dishcloth, floor, can remove dirt will soon.
39 if will scorch, can be in aluminum pot in a pot of water to boil and a little onion, soon all things will be burned up.
40 small mirror mirror etc. Have a cupboard or dirt, can dip in with a soft cloth soaked kerosene or wipe wax. 

41. The old photograph becomes old or new pictures: dirty, wipe with cotton dips in some alcohol, such as the new brush after.
A dip in with towel and wiped toilet water, telephone handset and buttons or body, mobile telephone, mobile phone, can make clean.
43. Boiled beef, old in beef on large daub one day before cooking mustard powder, wash, and tender meat rotten.
44. Available soil dry clean lens on both sides of the soap and spread evenly mop light. Using this method, glass lens heated not prone to the fog.
45. Try steam iron in the sunken place, then some steam injection with an iron. With bristle brush, provoking sunken place, can brush gently on the carpet, furniture for removal.
46. Use aluminum foil, two, three, together with scissors to cut, can make a sharp scissors to recover.
47 on cotton swabs touched alcohol, can remove the dirt on the head, collect recorder. Only thus can make the sound of recovery.
48 to sprinkle salt on the ashtray in, again with a cork or dishcloth, can remove the dirt.
49. Front skirt in crease trouser legs, old toothbrush with a thin vinegar in crease in low temperature, then, is hardly see come out Tory Burch Boots.
50 new socks can be put in freezer, frozen stiff after thawing out directly, wear natural when they won’t take off line.
51. Cotton clothes can fade dark in water and beer can prevent fading wash.
52. Wash white silk shirts in, before besmear of milk. This can be incredibly prevent yellow.
53 the clothings softener in ten times water dilute, reoccupy tissue or with soft cloth to wipe gently took the CD surface, can easily removes dust.
54. The dishes are cracks can be put into the milk pan, heating, 4-5 minutes after almost disappear rift plate.
55 will biscuits packed into a sugar, at the same time. Sugar can absorb the moisture tank and can keep the crisp delicious cookies.
Add a little warm water, eggs, 56, stir fry pan fry strain at a wine into the pan fry eggs, such a tender fleeciness.
57. The new casserole first use, had better use congee or boil the water that clean out rice, thicker sand pot of pore jams, prevent ooze water.
58. Cook with water is. If use boiled water cook, vitamin B1 can against loss.
59. The birthday candle in the freezer in 24 hours, frozen cake inserted into the candle lit haven’t passed down dirty cake.
60 original phone number, number, packing machine from the phone number 3 painter should be consistent.
61. Boil water surface in a TBSP oil, noodles wouldn’t touch, still can prevent noodle soup pot foamed overflow.
62 the beef coated with mustard and abluent hind add a little vinegar or a tea bag with gauze with beef with cooking, can make the beef is cooked.
When catharsis sweater 63. Don’t more than 30 degrees, the water with neuter scour, after the water to add a few vinegar, can prevent sweater shrink.
64. The hot cup with cold water, then soak in cold water and salt, such a speed of cooling water.
65. Cook vegetables, some kinds of starch, rhombus can make soup thickener, and to become strong protection function. Vitamin
66 in fan fan leaf sprinkled a few drops of essential, with the wind moving, can make a room full of faint scent, but can drive midge.
67 boiled eggs, eggs into cold water to immerse, add the hot water boiled egg shell, cooked to strip off.
68 in grape juice instead of water pills, can make the pressure drop blood may not appear smooth, and blood pressure extremes.
69. The new block in the fluctuation and the surrounding besmear edible oil, besmear again after dry, so that the four times the chopping block durable
70. Cook or soup tastes salty, if be potato slices into the soup for a few minutes, this soup can by salty Discount Tory Burch

71 boil soup to make delicious, but the meat into the water boil slowly, Want to make fresh meat, but put the meat in hot water to boil.
72, nail, before the nails with cotton dips in vinegar, wipe dry after vinegar, nail polish off not easily.
73. With a thread can be SongHuaDan cut open, and not sticky egg yolk evenly. Iron dao in water will be cut, also cut again and beautiful.
74. Eat garlic, drink a cup of milk, can eliminate peculiar smell of garlic left in the mouth.
75 of pathogenic bacteria, honey is strong sterilization ability, often eat honey can prevent caries.
76. Use fluorescent months after it ends its life, contact can extend a times, also can improve the illuminance.
77) parsley, rich essential oils volatilizes easily long heating, parsley, before joining in the best to retain its fragrance.
78. Migraine can put his hands into hot water, water with a wrist advisable, half an hour later, can alleviate pain.
79. Skin small area in some bruising area, can besmear toothpaste acetanilide, hemostatic, still can prevent wounds fester.
80. Boiled pork spareribs with a bit of vinegar, can make the spareribs in calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc, to absorb minerals dissolved.
81. Plastic caps too tight and cannot be opened, and put it in a freezer frozen, then you can easily.
82 will dry mixing various petal placed after a case, on the living room or restaurant, can make a room full of fragrance.
83. The rabbit wool sweater can put it into plastic bags into the refrigerator refrigeration 3-4 days, can prevent it off.
84. Clothes, can contact with love for those wrung-out sponge to wipe the surface can be easily removed clothing, its surface.
85 if slices of balsam pear in salt sprinkle water filtration, pickled while and soon, balsam pear is not too hard.
86) water use for a long time, take fresh lemon slice half to seed, water into three hours to cook in two white, can remove slag.
Mung bean before cooking. 87 soaking 1 hour to simmer for 10 minutes, then remove to boil stew for half an hour, can keep the juice fragrant
88. Touch is toxic, plastic handle tacky, non-toxic, handle lubrication Hard jitter voice sound, poisonous frowsty acerbity, non-toxic.
89. The pen, the vinegar in a dress up, the handwriting on knead, can easily be remove traces.
90. In the juice on a tray, as long as the cup to insert a spoon, fruit juice does not overflow.
91 we must want to keep the tea flavor and aroma, nutrition, the temperature of the best tea at 70 degrees to 80 ° c.
92. Air conditioning of condensed for neutral PH value, very suitable for planting, breeding, fish is still a bonsai.
93. Bye for small disc will garlic in hot water soak for several minutes, then remove, the skin can easily.
94. Leafy vegetables with brine (a basin of water and salt can put small spoon, insect soon soaking) and leaves.
95. Just paint good furniture, dip in with soft cloth the water that clean out rice wiped repeatedly lacquer, reoccupy clear water is clean, can smell of paint.
96 table, can fill in the particles with silica (watch in airtight containers, several childhood, water namely disappear.
97. Already intoxicated drinking too much can serve 100 to 200 milliliter 50% vinegar, wine, kidney toxicity.
98, insomnia can be a spoon vinegar into cold water, agitate, if add drink the amount of honey, have efectice result.
99. Cook accidentally vinegar put much more MBT Walking Shoes, but to add some vegetables, can make the original sour vinegar.
100. Brown sugar lumps, into the place of high humidity on three layers, cover the wet cloth, screw water can absorb.

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Life is going on


Life is what we make it so I am told. Life can be great if we want or really miserable depending on who you are and what is going around MBT Shoes you. growing up we were given simple instructions on what to do and how to do it. We were told tat once you depart stay away and do not MBT Walking Shoes call me or return home to stay. You are not welcome at all. You do not need to be here and good luck. As I looked at life then it was scary as hell. It was a time of well hey what is next but do not expect much. If you make mistakes that is your problem. I will not help you. Life was like hmm.

Life is precious as I have found out. I was told about a disease that a few in my family had. It is neurological in nature. Most times discovered at birth but for me I was 38 and told it. I was told about my ugg Australia eye condition and the way it will affect me maybe. It all came down ina few hours talking to the doctors. My caregiver who was still alive at this time just laughed and told me hey that is life. Yeah! Now I have to go back and rediscover things and to work hard in order to get what I need. My whole world came down. At the same time my tyen wife did not care or show any sincere interest. She ugg shoes was indifferent and thus our relationship took a big nose dive. I felt that my world caved in while this is the person whom I married but today she was not that caring. Sad really but then knew I had to make the changes and do things in which might be dificult but hey it is life.

Had to leave my job. Retire at 38 and look for something else. This I did while going back to school and getting a ugg boots sale degree. Then divorce which caused more difficulties but hey this is life. I loved school and learned so much. Knew I had to make more changes and did so. Then after leaving school with my degree headed to the Timberland stores far east. Been here many years since and love it. have no contact with my ex and she wants it this way. So life is going in a better way. Think well maybe i did the right thing so what is the right thing.

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Lady Gaga on ‘best-dressed list’

First lady Michelle Obama is becoming MBT Shoes a fixture on the Vanity Fair International Best-Dressed List – but it’s soccer star David Beckham who earned a spot in the hall of fame.

 The most eyebrow-raising choices on the magazine’s annual list of top tastemakers are in the ‘originals’ category, which includes cover girl Lady Gaga, John Galliano and Helena Bonham Carter. Gaga channels the ‘Dada Catholic girl’ in the spirit of Gypsy Rose Lee and Rosie, the Jetson’s robot maid MBT Walking Shoes, the magazine says, while Bonham Carter, who says her favorite items of clothing is her ‘bloomers,’ is inspired by Vivienne Westwood and Marie Antoinette.

 Galliano’s finds his role model in Oliver Twist, and his favorite shoes are his ‘lucky biker boots.’ Vanity Fair sends ballots to thousands of people, in the US and abroad, believed to have the inside track on style, including MBT On Sale designers, retailers, editors, socialites, photographers and entertainers. Amy Fine Collins, Aimee Bell and Reinaldo Herrera oversee the 71-year-old list, which the magazine inherited from the late fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert in 2004.

 This year marks Mrs Obama’s fourth consecutive appearance, noting she has practically single-handedly revived arms, belts, cardigans, shifts, high hair and kitten-heel pumps, and it’s the third year ugg Australia for France’s Dior-wearing Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. British first lady Samantha Cameron is making her debut, with the magazine pointing to her wardrobe full of brooches, bib necklaces and the labels Phillip Lim and Erdem.

 Fashion as a category is, of course, well represented with cheap Tory Burch Shoes, Elber Albaz of Lanvin, Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, Stacey Bendet Eisner of Alice & Olivia, and Glamour editor Timberland in chief Cindi Leive making the cut, as well as Ralph Lauren’s three adult children, David, Dylan and Andrew. Royals have their style ambassadors in Princess Mary of Denmark and hall of famer Germany’s Princess Mafalda of Hesse.

 Diane Kruger, Carey Mulligan, Javier Bardem, Martin Scorsese, Alec Baldwin, Pharrell Williams, siblings Maggie Timberland shoes and Jake Gyllenhaal, and couple Ed Burns and Christy Turlington provide the star wattage. – AP —-from website.

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It is you!

You are freakin awesome! You know I think so. You know I like you…more than friends I mean. You just don’t know how much MBT Shoes. You are with someone. *sad face* No but Im happy ur happy. Afterall we are friends. Pretty damn good friends to have just met. You make me happy 4 no fuckin reason. I cant explain that. We have waaaay too much in common…its almost creepy.

You are so far away…but not so far. You actually said I was awesome? No really? You meant that? You are MBT Outlet who I have been thinking about. Like sometimes Im not even trying to think and Im thinking of you. Ever have that happen?? I try not to be overbearing…I get that way sometimes. Its hard though. You are like a realistic dream. You know when you have a dream that seems MBT Clearance Shoes super real? then you wake up a bit confused because it is all gone just like that. That is what YOU are…a realistic dream! You seem real…tangible but you’re not.

I wish it weren’t this way. I wish we had met when we had the chance. We would have been awesome ugg Australia friends…i mean in real life! To my demise…it would have still jus been friendship…but it would feel more real. Not to say your friendship now is not real. Its..there….just way out of reach. Im not so sure how to put this into words…there is no way to accurately describe this ugg boots sale feeling. Its…unreal. Im trying to know….what it is but I can’t. The other day, I cried and cried…it kept me up all night. All because of you.

I can’t…..explain it…It overwhelms me I think. I love the fact that we are friends! Its so awesome! I HATE the Timberland fact that we will never be more. I love that I did message you. I HATE the fact I never spoke to you when we were closer. I love that you have the ability of changing my entire day around. When I talk to you…its like whatever is making me unhappy is gone. I HATE that Timberland shoes when we arent talking….I feel different. I don’t even understand why I feel this way for someone I barely know…yet I know so much. You are just like me in nearly everyway! What is making me feel this way?

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Empower yourself and stand up again

Tonight I read stories and forum comments in ILIASM and am led to write this story. Realize and face something members. For the vast majority of us, our partners will never change! It does not matter the reasons why even if we strive to MBT Shoes understand but it is a fact of life that we have been partnered up with people radically different than us. The more we search for answers and devalue our wants and needs and take on blame and shame, the more we get mired in lives that are slowly killing who we are!

I have walked the walk so I feel competent to talk the talk. Some very good people here seem to be giving up and this causes me angst because life does not have to end up this way! Sure I understand fears and apprehensions. I am 62 years old and change is hard MBT Walking Shoes but what is my alternative? Living like this until I die which would come very soon if I choose to live this life for much longer? I refuse to end my life unloved and unwanted!

For those members in ILIASM who are younger, I say to you, take charge of your MBT Clearance Shoes destiny and make a plan that you can live with.. For those my age or older, I say the same thing. For those who chose to stay, then find your value and live accordingly and make peace with your choices. Realize that your life may never be as you want but make some peace with staying.

I am not writing now for those who intend to stay in ILIASMs but those who know that they need to leave. Every day that goes by is another day lost and the MBT On Sale clock keeps ticking. I wonder if finances was not an issue, how many of us would still stay mired in lives that are slowly killing us? Not many I would bet but what about the enormous toll on our minds and bodies? Our children will go on and live their own lives and we will still be lost and in emotional pain.

For those members that know me and my life story, I do have someone to share my future with and that makes things easier but I would still stick to my plan regardless if I had met him or not. I have the ability to work and have a support system so I would survive and be happy even if I was alone ugg Australia and I know my abilities. It would be a struggle but not worse then continuing to live a lie.

Sometimes we have to dig deeply inside of ourselves and find our inner courage and strength. No knight will come riding up on a white horse to take us away from our lives so we have ugg boots to become our own knight and reach out and save ourselves. It is ultimately for each one of us to search for our own answers. To make peace with the past and regain our self respect and live lives full of empowerment. If we do not first value ourselves, why would another person value us?

Some of us are moving on and some are just starting on the journey of discovering who we are. Some are mired in the middle and some will never move on. This is life and there is no judgment from me. I know too well how hard change is. Our choices need not be at our loss of self empowerment. If one cannot have the life they want with their ugg shoes mates, then create a life filled with things that are good and healthy for you. Develop interests that feed what is lacking whether it is doing good for others or finding things that occupy our lives in a good way. If one is determined to live in a SM then find a way to make peace with this and recognize that this is your choice and I do not judge or think less of you. I respect your choices.

If one chooses to leave in the end, do this first with a sense of empowerment and self ugg boots sale value and move on with the best of intent. Live life with courage and determination and awareness. Get inspired with stories here of others who have moved on to happiness and love.

It does not matter what group you eventually end up in if you regain your self respect and empowerment but for most of us, including myself, the journey to Timberland regaining who we are as human beings means that we must finally move on to find a life and hopefully a person who will accept us for our faults and our good qualities. Even if that person is only ourself.This article is from EP.

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North Korean plane crash in China

Seoul, South Korea – A North Korean fighter jet crashed Wednesday on what appeared to be an illicit flight deep inside China, South Korean and Chinese news agencies reported.The South’s Yonhap news agency, reporting from the major MBT Shoes northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang, said the pilot, the only person on board the plane, was killed in what intelligence sources believe was an attempt to defect to Russia. A house reportedly was destroyed in the crash but no one on the ground was injured.


Photographs of the crash site clearly show the North Korean red star symbol on the fuselage beneath the tail section. South Korean MBT Walking Shoes defense officials believe the plane was a MiG21, a fairly advanced model. The North Korean Air Force has about 700 planes, ranging from MiG15s used in the Korean War to late-model MiG23s and a few MiG27s. The former Soviet Union provided most of the planes before the collapse of Soviet rule 20 years ago.


China’s Xinhua news agency confirmed the plane had gone down in the district of Fushun in Liaoning Province, about 120 miles MBT On Sale north of a North Korean air base at Uiju near the Yalu River border. Security officials reportedly swarmed to the crash scene and blockaded the area but not before locals photographed the wreckage and spread the pictures on the Internet.The plane took off from Uiju, according to South Korean radar images. South Korean defense officials said the plane was a MiG21, not an early model MiG15 used as a trainer, based on information picked up by monitoring equipment they said is able not only to track the plane but also to identify the model.


Analysts believe the plane may have been bound for Russia and flown off course, but the reason for the flight or the crash remains shrouded in mystery. The inexperience of the pilot, or fuel shortage though, may have been a factor.Bolstering that theory, analysts say North Korean pilots often lack adequate training due to scant fuel ugg Australia available to fly as many hours as needed to hone their skills.“Most of their planes are out of date,” says Kim Tae-woo, senior research fellow at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses. ”They fly very much less than our South Korean planes. They have a fuel problem and lack spare parts.”


The only advantage the North Koreans may have, says Mr. Kim, is in sheer numbers. South Korea has about 500 planes, spearheaded by about 60 F-15s and many more F-16s. The difference, he says, is “we have well trained pilots, and we have fuel.”

While citizen defections are becoming increasingly common and North Korean soldiers have defected from time to time into China due to food ugg shoes shortages, pilot defections are extremely rare.

Three North Korean pilots have defected to South Korea, but there is no record of a North Korean pilot defecting to Russia. The pilot in this case may have believed that he could quickly overfly China, which would automatically have returned him to certain execution in North Korea.


The last time a North Korean pilot reportedly defected was in May 1996, when he flew a MiG19 to the South Korean air base at Suwon, Timberland south of Seoul. A North Korean pilot took advantage of a training exercise in February 1983 to fly a MiG19 to another base near Seoul. And a pilot flew a MiG15 to South Korea in September 1953, just two months after the end of the Korean War. This article is from web.


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Internet vs face to face

internet communication vs face to face messages..instant messaging.A press of a Timberland shoes key put us in touch with whatever we want.On this site I have been touched by the amount of helpful people. Honestly it is overwhelming.But in a good way..

In saying this the apparent internet communication does not have the elements of talking to a living breathing person. Its easy to let more emotions out anonymously or not in person.Maybe this can also have its Timberland stores drawbacks. In person I would smile at you.My eyes would smile too. Perhaps this is a limitation with online romance? Perhaps words are easily spoken but we cant see their facial expressions..the colour of their eyes or the tone of their voice.

Maybe I am just a poor online communicator. In person I made her quiver..when I spoke on the phone to her …her Timberland emotions were apparent in her voice…warm..caring. Maybe this internet text messaging are really not close relationship methods?I am kind hearted and I am sure some of you ugg Australia feel this..but if you saw me in person you may be repelled by my looks or drawn in.

Its funny how the way someone looks has such a powerful bearing on how people look at them.What ugg boots is inside my heart is irrelevant to most others because they see a physical man and thats what they perceive.

Here…I am just an internet man..just a poster..almost like not real. We can turn off the computer and I dont exist anymore lol. Funnier is ugg boots sale what is inside me and I am sharing with you and yet with all the physical side out of see my soul and thoughts. Perhaps if in real life people looked not only at good looks but the man or woman inside then perhaps relationships would be much better.

Maybe I should be MBT Clearance Shoes avoiding internet commuication if I choose to find someone at a later time to actually express what I am thinking ..feeling. Perhaps the silence would create such an attraction that a face to face again would be dynamite..hmm I am brainstorming again…

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Should i tell her

Before we met, i thought if some day i meet the girl i love MBT Shoes i will go and pursuit her without any hesitate. but more than one semester has past and we still like black strangers.

 We have the classes in the same classrooms.i can see her almost everyday,but she always sits at MBT Walking Shoes the front row while we,the only six boys always sit at the backseats of the rooms.none of us had talk to her or know any of her s really hard for me to take the first has been more than ugg Australia two years since i over my first love.

During the two years,i ve know some girls who love me but no one i love.sometimes i wonder why we are all ugg outlet so alone? can t all classmates just be friends?it s so different from the  college students of the west  we saw in the movies.may be it s because our people are more likely to be a Timberland boots outlet introvert. any way, i hope she can be the one for me. and i think it s the time for me to  do something.

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36 killed, hundreds injured in new China flooding

BEIJING – At least 36 people have died and 23 others are missing in fresh flooding from torrential rains in China’s Gansu province, the latest in a string of natural disasters MBT Shoes to strike China.

The official Xinhua News Agency reported that the deaths came Monday from flooding in Longnan city near Zhouqu. Zhouqu is MBT Outlet where at least 1,254 people were killed as a mudslide triggered by heavy rain crashed through the city on Aug. 8. The government says MBT Clearance Shoes another 490 people are still missing from that disaster.

Since Aug. 11, heavy rains have pelted several counties in Longnan city, triggering landslides, Xinhua said. It said the latest ugg Australia flooding left 295 people injured and more than 6,000 homes collapsed. Flooding has cut off electricity and damaged roads.

In Zhouqu on Tuesday, workers used bulldozers and cranes to dig and search for the missing as rains ugg boots sale threatened to hinder rescue efforts, Xinhua reported.

Up to 3 inches (8 centimeters) of rain is expected in the area through Thursday, it said.

China regularly suffers devastating summer floods, but this year has been unusually severe. Storms killed at least 1,500 people Timberland boots outlet nationwide before the Zhouqu landslide and caused tens of billions of dollars in damage. This article is from web.


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South Korea and Japan welcome Chinese tourists

In a region of longtime political rivalries and heavy diplomatic Timberland shoes, South Korea and Japan are making a move many critics say is based purely on economics.

The two nations are opening their doors, and cash registers, to China and its growing middle class.Yielding to the prospect of millions of Chinese travelers Timberland boots outlet with newfound buying power and an appetite for brand-name goods, South Korea and Japan in July eased visa restrictions for visitors from the staunchly communist country.
South Korea is hungry for tourism, and Japan’s economy remains sluggish, while China’s robust economic growth has allowed more of its people to consider foreign travel. Now both smaller Asian nations are competing for visitors from their colossal neighbor, whose influence they have long shunned.

“We’re the closest foreign country to China’s coast regions, considered a place where lots of rich Chinese live,” said Jin Jong-hwa, a senior official at the Timberland Korea Tourism Organization’s newly established China unit. “For them, South Korea is just an hour and a half away. With the new [visa] policies, now all they have to do is buy a flight ticket and visit whenever they want.”Not to be outdone, Japanese officials say they have what Chinese tourists want: luxury electronic items.”They demand high-quality electronics,” said Koichi Ueno, an official in the international unit of the government-run Japan Tourism Agency. “South Korea has good quality, but Japan’s is much better.”

Under South Korea’s new rules, teachers, retirees and graduates of prestigious universities can get multiple-entry visas good for one year. Previously, most Chinese visitors were required ugg boots sale to travel in cumbersome tour groups.In Japan, officials will now issue tourist visas to Chinese who earn more than $8,800 annually, a sharp drop from the previous requirement of $37,000 a year.

Recently, the number of Chinese visitors to both nations has soared. Chinese accounted for nearly 1 in 5 of the tourists in Japan during the first ugg shoes six months of this year. The number of Chinese visitors rose to 1.1 million last year from 350,000 a decade ago, Japanese officials said.In South Korea, the number of Chinese tourists climbed to 1.2 million in 2009 from 586,000 in 2005. Chinese are also the biggest spenders, shelling out $2,203 per trip, a rate 32% higher than the average, Korean officials say.

The new rules will help Chinese nationals working for Korean-owned companies to visit, say officials, who are also discussing a new medical ugg boots visa system to attract wealthy Chinese patients to high-tech hospitals in Seoul.
South Korea has also created a separate trade-promotion division to increase Chinese investment. Holding the world’s largest foreign reserves at nearly $2.5 trillion, China invested $56 billion abroad in 2008, but only $100 million in South Korea, officials here say.

However, many observers acknowledge that more Chinese visitors bring the risk of illegal immigration and crime.”Everything has upsides and downsides,” said Suh Jin-young, a political ugg Australia science professor at Korea University. “But this measure can help develop the economy in Northeast Asia and contribute to making this region one community.”

The Japanese government has also been criticized for its moves to attract Chinese visitors.”Some Japanese believe Chinese are not good-quality tourists; [they] might try to outstay their welcome,” said Ueno of the Japan Tourism Agency. “We believe most Chinese have good lives and will want to go home.”

But not before making some killer MBT Walking Shoes deals on consumer purchases. Skin care enthusiast Li wandered through Myongdong, passing cosmetics stores with names such as Skin Food, Laneige and Baviphat. “Everything is 30% cheaper than back home,” the 26-year-old said.

A few feet away, tourist Mike Li of Shanghai said he wasn’t in South Korea to shop. “I just like to get out of China once in a while and see what’s new,” the 30-year-old computer worker said.So far, he said, his first trip to Seoul was nothing to write home about.”It’s not Shanghai,” he said.

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